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that it may drop “from the head to the heart.”

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Current Resource Offerings

The Art of Spiritual Living

On December 7, 2019, we began our study of the book The Art of Spiritual Living.   This is a wonderful book that details the practices for true spiritual living.  It is the compilation of the 1977 Infinite Way Monthly Letters and is based on classes given in 1960, 1961 and 1962, when Joel’s work was focused on raising up the Christ in his students.

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About Body

From July 6 to November 23, 2019, the Goldsmith Global Online Tape Group took up a focused study on the topic of body.  In one of his classes, Joel said, “Now then, the moment we realize that I am life eternal; that I am pure spirit, pure consciousness, we come to the next great thing: What about this body?  And there we find the mystery that has heretofore not been explained.”   In another class, he addresses the same persistent question:  “What about this body?  How does it fit into a spiritual universe?  Is this material body the Word made flesh?  Does the material body manifest God?”  And again, The question has come up more and more and more:  “What about this body?  This body bothers me.  What about this body?”   In this series of recordings, Joel addresses the many aspects of this intriguing question of body.

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1963 Kailua Private Class / Beyond Words and Thoughts

Between October 6, 2018 and June 22, 2019,  the Goldsmith Global Online Tape Group studied Joel’s 1963 Kailua Private Class, which is the basis for the book Beyond Words and Thoughts.  We heard all of the recordings for that class, and with permission, posted each recording for a limited time.  We also offered summaries of the recordings and additional study suggestions and material, which continue to be available.

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The Eight Most Important Chapters in The Infinite Way Writings

Between March and October 2018, the Goldsmith Global Online Tape Group took up a study of the eight most important chapters that Joel identified in The Infinite Way writings.  For each chapter, we posted the related recording, together with supplementary study material.  While the recordings are no longer posted for listening, the numbers and titles of the recordings are still posted for reference, as are all of the supplementary study materials.

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Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search Tool

The Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search Tool  is a valuable resource for in-depth study of The Infinite Way message.  You can search for any word or phrase in a complete database that includes all of Joel Goldsmith’s books AND the transcripts of all of Joel’s classes.  The search tool can be immensely helpful for studying a specific topic such as forgiveness, mysticism, prayer, mind, body, healing, relationships, or supply, or for finding a specific reference such as the story behind Joel’s use of the term “white poodle,” or the story of the lost baggage, or the astounding story about Joel meeting his friend in Cairo.  If you want to know what Joel had to say about Buddha, Mohammed, Nanak, Paul, John, or other mystics, the search tool will show you where he wrote about them in the books or spoke about them in classes.  Using the search tool, you can customize and deepen your study of Joel’s work.  The search tool can be accessed from the home page of the Acropolis Books website (www.acropolisbooks.com) or from the home page of the Infinite Way Office website (www.joelgoldsmith.com).

The Search Tool offers three search options:

1) Search books only

2) Search transcripts only

3) Search BOTH books AND transcripts.

The search results provide a list of the book titles and/or a list of the classes in which the search term appears, together with excerpts from the book chapters and/or excerpts from the transcripts that show some context for each instance of the search term.  Search results can be filtered by a specific book or class to show only the instances of the search term in that particular book or class.  Complete instructions for using the search tool are on the Acropolis website.

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