About Body

Introduction to the Series

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On July 6, 2019, we began a study program on the topic of body.   In one of his classes, Joel said, “Now then, the moment we realize that I am life eternal; that I am pure spirit, pure consciousness, we come to the next great thing:  What about this body?  And there we find the mystery that has heretofore not been explained.”  In another class, he addresses the same persistent question:  “What about this body?  How does it fit into a spiritual universe?  Is this material body the Word made flesh?  Does the material body manifest God?”  In this series of recordings, Joel answers these questions and many, many more about a topic of great interest to everyone.

Our Approach to Study

In one of Joel’s classes (Recording 643, 1956 Johannesburg Closed Class, Side 1:  “The Anointed of God”), he suggested that students “read the books in a different way than you have before.”  He recommended that they take one topic, search all the books they had for chapters on that one topic, and just study those chapters, leaving the rest of the book alone.  He believed that approaching a topic in this way would result in “catching the idea,” “seeing the topic in a new light,” and “grasping the correct letter of truth” on that topic.  We are using that approach to study for this series of classes on the body by doing an intensive study of just one topic.

We considered many recordings in making selections for this series of classes on the body.  For the recordings we will play in our weekly sessions, we selected ten classes in which the primary focus is on issues related to the body.   We also evaluated several classes in which Joel teaches about the body, but only as one of several different topics addressed in the class.   We decided not to use these classes for our weekly sessions.  However, from time to time during the study program, we will post the best of these classes as “additional offerings for study,” so that anyone who is interested will have the opportunity to hear them.

As we selected recordings for this study program, we asked, “What questions related to body does this class answer?”  This approach helped  us sequence the recordings in a logical way and helped ensure that the selections cover the breadth of questions that typically arise when considering the topic of body.  These questions can be helpful to the listener, too, so we will note these questions on the related study pages for each class in the series.  As we hear the class, we can listen for the answers.  This series is somewhat like a jig-saw puzzle, in that each recording presents just one or two aspects of the topic of body.  As the sessions progress and more aspects are considered, the whole picture gradually fills in.

Once again, with the gracious cooperation of Sue Ropac at The Infinite Way Office, we have obtained permission to post the recordings that we use during our study program.  As in previous study programs, after we hear the recording for a specific chapter at both a morning and an evening tape group session, we will post that recording in the Study Center for ten weeks.  While the recording is posted, you can listen to it any time, day or night, at your convenience.  Any classes posted as “additional offerings for study” will also be available for ten weeks.  We are most grateful to Sue for the permission to post these recordings.

Since we are not following a specific book for this study program, we will post summaries of the recordings as well as additional offerings for study.  Some of these additional offerings will be recommended chapters in the writings.  In addition, you may want to do your own exploration in the writings for complementary material on body.  The Joel Goldsmith Electronic Library Search can be a very helpful tool for that research.  If you have never used that tool, we recommend that you read the instructions first in order to get the best results.

We look forward to sharing these wonderful lessons with you.