1962 London Closed Class – Introduction

Introduction to the Class

In 1959, much of Joel’s work was devoted to re-introducing the correct letter of truth as embodied in the major principles of The Infinite Way. Joel often referred to the correct letter of truth as the “metaphysics” of The Infinite Way.  In 1960, Joel’s ministry turned to focus on leading students out of the metaphysical and into the mysticism of the Infinite Way. He continued with this emphasis through 1964, so the 1962 classes fall in the middle of this period.

The 1962 London Closed Class is particularly rich with lessons that help us expand our spiritual understanding and awareness as we journey along the path to the mystical experience of conscious union with God.

All transcripts for this class are available from The Infinite Way Office.

Our Approach to Study

Our approach was to hear the 1962 London Closed Class sessions in the order in which Joel gave them.  For each class, we gave the references for any books that used the class as source material.

As usual, after we heard a recording for the first time, we posted that recording here in the Study Center for ten weeks for listening any time at your convenience.  We are most grateful to Sue Ropac for her support of our study program.

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