Our Spiritual Resources

Introduction to the Book

From July 4, 2020 through January 23, 2021, we studied the book Our Spiritual Resources.  This book is the collection of the 1960 Infinite Way Letters, many of which were based on Joel’s 1959 work, in which he was inspired to re-introduce the Infinite Way principles to students.  Read what Joel himself said about this book:

“As you come to Our Spiritual Resources, you will discover that each one of us has an infinite capacity for life, for living. Each one of us has within ourselves, infinite capacity. Not limited capacity; not a capacity that is limited to our education or environment or nation or religion; but actually we have an infinite capacity for living, or we have a capacity for living that is infinite. We have an infinite capacity for life, for joy, for income, for outgo—a capacity that is not limited to our human capacity. But now, through spiritual discernment, we have become aware of our spiritual resources—those resources which are incarnate in us, that God placed in us in the beginning, before ever the world was.”  (From Recording 565A: 1964 London Closed Class, “Stature of Spiritual Manhood (Meditation)” )

Our Spiritual Resources is one of the most practical of all our Infinite Way writings. In fact, some students have said that if they could have only one Infinite Way book, that would be the one because it embodies the principles of spiritual living so clearly and concisely, and in a way that leaves no doubt as to their practical application to everyday situations.”  (Living by the Word: Chapter 2, “Spiritual Discernment of the Bible”)

“Now, in the book Our Spiritual Resources, we are given the way in which we open ourselves … we do not attain this opening of consciousness, this entrance of the Christ into our soul, except by our own act of consciousness, and in Our Spiritual Resources, we have that which has been revealed to me through the ages … these principles that have shown me how, in my own experience and in the experience of our students, this state of grace may be attained; how we may come out and be separate; how we may come out from living under the law and live under grace; how we may end our days as the natural man and begin our days as the child of God under the laws of God.” (Recording 451A: 1962 Mission Inn Class, “The World Is New to Every Soul When Christ Has Entered In”)

You can purchase the print book from AmazonDeVorss, the Infinite Way Office, your local bookstore, or even from online secondhand booksellers such as abebooks or ebay, which often have used books in good condition at discounted prices.   You can purchase the e-book from Amazon or Apple.

Our Approach to Study

We took a journey through the book, chapter by chapter.  For each chapter, we heard a recording (or two) that was used as source material for that chapter.

Once again, with the gracious cooperation and permission of Sue Ropac at The Infinite Way Office, we posted the recordings that we heard during our study program.  When appropriate, we posted additional study offerings to complement the chapters.

Our Spiritual Resources includes lessons on many of the issues relevant to life today, so it was a perfect book to take up during that study period, and we were delighted to take that spiritual excursion with the Goldsmith Global participants.

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