The Art of Spiritual Living – Recordings and Study Materials

For Chapter 1, “The Ministry Within”
#484A: 1962 Maui Special Class, “The Ministry Within,” (12/7/19 and 12/14/19), click here.

For Chapter 2, “Remolding Consciousness”
#484B: 1962 Maui Special Class, “Remolding Your Consciousness,” (12/21/19 and 12/28/19), click here. 

For Chapter 3, “The Peace-Be-Still of Spiritual Authority”
#327A: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “The Two States of Life” (1/4/20 and 1/11/20), click here. 

For Chapter 4, “The Hidden Kingdom”
#489B: 1962 London Closed Class, “I Have Meat the World Knows Not Of” (1/18/20 and 1/25/20), click here.

For Chapter 5, “The New Dispensation of Prayer”
#429A: 1961 Seattle Special Class, “Demands of the Spiritual Life” (2/1/20 and 2/8/20), click here.

For Chapter 6, “Demands of the Spiritual Life”
#429B: 1961 Seattle Special Class, “Demands of the Spiritual Life, continued” (2/15/20 and 2/22/20), click here.

To hear the recording that was played on February 29, #320A, from the 1960 Indianapolis Class, titled “Conscious Experience of God,” click here.  To listen to this recording by telephone, call 1-641-715-3900 and enter 514376#. 

For Chapter 7, “Consciously Knowing the Truth”
#325B: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “From the Law to Conscious Knowing of the Truth, continued” (3/7/20 and 3/14/20), click here.

For Chapter 8, “The Fruitage of Knowing God Aright”
#326B: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “The Fruitage of Knowing God Aright, continued” (3/21/20 and 3/28/10), click here.

For Chapter 9, “The Consciousness of the Individual”
#327B: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “The Consciousness of the Individual” (4/4/20 and 4/18/20), click here.

For Chapter 10, “The Invisible”
#347A: 1960 Manchester Closed Class, “The Invisible” (4/18/20 and 4/25/20), click here.

For Chapter 11, “Impersonalizing the Visible”
#347B: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “Made Visible” (5/2/20 and 5/9/20), click here.

For Chapter 12, “Christ Ascended”
#486A: 1962 Los Angeles Special Class, “Christ Ascended” (5/16/20 and 5/23/20), click here.