Chapter 3: “The Peace-Be-Still of Spiritual Authority”

The Recording for This Chapter 

The basis for this chapter is Recording #327A, from the 1960 Chicago Closed Class, with the title “The Two States of Life.”

*  This recording was posted through August 1, 2020.  It is no longer available on this site.

*  To purchase this recording from The Infinite Way Office, click here.  (Remember that all Goldsmith classes are available for purchase on iTunes as well.  If you use iTunes, this may be a more convenient ordering option for you.)
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Please note that while the book chapter is essentially a transcript of the class, the content of the transcript may have been re-arranged in some places during the editing process for the chapter.  Consequently, if you are following the chapter as you listen to the recording, from time to time you may have to skip ahead or go back in the chapter to find the corresponding text.  Even so, overall, the chapter covers virtually everything that is in the recording.  

Optional Study Suggestions

1.   In this chapter, Joel focuses on developing the consciousness of the I of one’s being and realizing that this I stands behind the mind and body and has control of mind and body.  We have prepared a selection of excerpts from his books and classes that reinforce and clarify that aspect of the teaching and provide helpful contemplative meditations.  To view, print, or download  this document, click here.

2.   Joel addresses the two aspects of “I”—”I, the Father,” and “I, the Son”—in this chapter.  There are several classes in which Joel explains this further, and they help us build the consciousness of the I that I truly am, the I that has dominion over mind and body.   If you would like further instruction on this part of the teaching, we recommend you listen to Recording 464A, from the 1962 Los Angeles Closed Class, titled “I Reveal Myself.” using the player bar below.  This recording was posted through August 1, 2020.  It is no longer available on this site.