1963 Kailua Private Class – Introduction

Introduction to the Class

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Between October 6, 2018 and June 22, 2019, we took up a study of the 1963 Kailua Private Class, which is the basis for the book Beyond Words and Thoughts.   In the “Across the Desk” segment of Chapter 1 in Realization of Oneness,  Joel writes about his experience that led up to this class:

“This comes to you from London as the year 1963 draws to a close—the most momentous year of my work since receiving my initiation and instructions in The Infinite Way in 1946. This year, 1963, the word came to me to take our students from metaphysics to mysticism.

“My personal life has had many difficult periods since my first spiritual experience in 1929 because that experience lifted me into the fourth-dimensional consciousness, and yet I had to live in two worlds in order to carry on first a healing ministry, and then both healing and teaching. Except when done in absolute silence, spiritual healing and teaching are conducted out from the ordinary consciousness, and yet the inspiration is always from above. To live in two worlds has always been difficult for me, but it has been necessary as there must be the metaphysical consciousness on earth before the mystical can be attained.

“… this year [1963] the word came to lift our students out of the metaphysical into the mystical, and this mission was immediately undertaken.  First, I gave instructions to ministers and Infinite Way teachers, instructions which are contained in five teaching tapes [Recordings 508 through 512],  which have now become available to all students. These give the principles which for all time will establish students on a firm foundation for healing and teaching The Infinite Way. Regardless of whether anyone ever heals or teaches others, this is his foundation for spiritual unfoldment.

“Then, with students coming to Hawaii from near and far, I began the transition in consciousness for our students from the metaphysical to the mystical. This work is embodied in the three 1963 Princess Kaiulani Sunday Series tape recordings and the nine 1963 Kailua Private Class tapes.

The 1963 Kailua Private Class was given to a small group of between fifteen and twenty advanced students, who met in Joel’s home in Kailua, every Friday and Monday during the last few months of 1963.  This is a class supremely worthy of serious study.  Joel says:“What measure of Grace these bring to anyone is wholly dependent on the measure of dedication he brings to the study, and especially to the meditation and practice. You may accept this as a major spiritual principle: you receive only in proportion to what you bring or give. There is no such thing as getting spiritually. What you bring or give to any spiritual life is reflected back to you.”

If you do not have the book Beyond Words and Thoughts, you can purchase it in either print or e-book format by using the links on the Acropolis Books website.  (Please note that because of the Acropolis Books sale, the print version of this book will be available from DeVorss at 70% off the list price, plus shipping and handling, through December 31, 2018.  To purchase the book from DeVorss at the sale price, click here. )   

It was a joy to take the journey through this landmark class.

Our Approach to Study

Our approach was to hear the 1963 Kailua Private Class sessions in the order in which Joel gave them.  For each class, we referenced the related chapters in Beyond Words and Thoughts for study and contemplation.  In this way, we preserved the integrity of the class as it was given, even as we studied the book that is rooted in that class.

When we studied the eight most important chapters, many, many students told us that it was extremely helpful to them to have the recordings available for study after we have heard them in the online tape group sessions.   Once again, with the very gracious cooperation of Sue Ropac at The Infinite Way Office, we obtained permission to post the recordings that we used during our study of the 1963 Kailua Private Class.  After we heard the recording for a specific chapter at our two online tape group sessions, we posted that recording here in the Study Center for ten weeks, where students could listen to it any time, day or night, at their convenience.  We are most grateful to Sue for the permission to post these recordings.

After we heard a recording in two consecutive Saturday sessions, we posted that recording to the website, so every two weeks we posted a new recording.  Once five recordings had been posted, when it came time to post the sixth recording, we removed the first posted recording.  When we posted the seventh recording, we removed the second posted recording, and so on.  In other words, up to five consecutive recordings were always available in the study center during our study program.