Our Spiritual Resources – Recordings and Study Materials

For Chapter 1, “The New Life by Grace”
#243A: 1959 Maui Advanced Class, “Not Power – But Grace” (7/4/20 and 7/11/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 2, “Begin Prayer with the Word God”
#59B: 1954 Chicago Practitioner Class, “Start Prayer and Treatment with God” (7/18/20 and 7/25/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 3, “The Practicality of Spiritual Living”
#16A: 1952 Honolulu Closed Class, “Transcendental” (8/1/20 and 8/8/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 4, “Transition”
#229A: 1958 London Open Class, “Tenth Chapter of John – I Am Come” (8/15/20 and 8/22/20) click/tap here.

For the Fifth Saturday Session (August 29, 2020)
#531A: 1963 London Work, “I Am the Way”
This recording is no longer available on this site.

For Chapter 5, “Spiritual Attainment Through Prayer”
#258B: 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class, “Treatment – The Correct Letter of Truth” (9/5/20, 9/12/20, 9/19/20 and 9/26/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 6, “Dominion over Mind, Body, and Purse”
#260A: 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class, “Treatment and Meditation” (10/3/20 and 10/10/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 7, “Living by Meditation”
#259A: 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class, “Grace – The Purpose of Meditation” (10/17/20 and 10/24/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 8, “Bringing God into Daily Experience”
#176B: 1956 New York Laurelton Hotel Closed Class, “God Is My Dwelling Place, or the Garden of Eden.” (11/7/20 and 11/14/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 9, “Individual Discovery of Truth”
#193A: 1957 Second Halekou Closed Class, “Individual Discovery of Truth” (11/21/20 and 11/28/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 10, “The Government Is on His Shoulders”
#228B: 1958 London Open Class, “Nature of Spiritual Power” (12/5/20 and 12/12/20), click/tap here.

For Chapter 11, “What Have You in the House?”
#76A: 1954 Honolulu Lecture Series, “What Have We in the House?” (1/2/21 and 1/9/21), click/tap here.

For Chapter 12, “The Principle of Nonpower”
#250A: 1959 Maui Advanced Class, “The Principle of No Power” (1/16/21 and 1/23/21), click/tap here.