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Posted on February 20, 2021

Posted on February 7, 2021

Posted on February 4, 2021

Did you know that there is a search function for searching our website?

Over the years, we have added a tremendous amount of material to the site, and the search function can help you find whatever you might be looking for.

Simply enter your search term into the box and click on the magnifying glass.

On the home page, the search box is located at the bottom of the page, under “New and Noteworthy.”

On an interior page that has a sidebar menu, the search box is located under the sidebar menu:

Posted on February 1, 2021

Re-Posted on February 1, 2021

Our Next Study Program: The 1962 London Closed Class

For each of our study programs, we choose either a book, a class, or a topic for concentrated study.  For our next program, we will focus on Joel’s 1962 London Closed Class.  We have found this class to be particularly rich with lessons that help us expand our spiritual understanding and awareness as we journey toward the experience of conscious union with God.  We look forward to sharing these eight beautiful classes with you.

Resources for New Students on the Goldsmith Global Website

We have substantially enhanced the resources on our website for new students.

In the sidebar menu under “More Selections,” the selection “Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way”  now includes much more introductory material about The Infinite Way.  Several years ago, we prepared this material for the Acropolis Books website, and now we have updated it and made it available on our website.

If you click/tap on “Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way”  in the sidebar menu, you will now see four sub-categories:

  • The section “Who Is Joel Goldsmith” remains unchanged from the original text that has been on the site.

The new sections are:

  • “What Is The Infinite Way?” which provides a very basic introduction to the message.
  • “Audio Excerpts from Joel’s Classes,” which offers eight short excerpts from Joel’s classes. Each excerpt is between nine and eighteen minutes, and collectively, they give new students a very nice sampling of Joel’s teaching on the four major principles of The Infinite Way, the meaning of “the Christ,” meditation, spiritual healing, and supply.
  • “Joel’s Study Recommendations,” which cites Joel’s direction for how to study various aspects of The Infinite Way Message.

If you would like to introduce someone to The Infinite Way, or if you know a new student who is just beginning with the message, these resources can be very helpful,

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