World Work Recordings

Joel gave several beautiful classes on world work and topics related to world work.  Since Joel’s recordings are still under copy protection, we have obtained permission to post some of these recordings in their entirety for your online or telephone listening.  Each recording will be available for one month from the time of posting for listening at any time.  There is a list of previously posted recordings at the bottom of this page.  

To hear the recording by telephone, call 1-641-715-3900, and enter the extension number 828754, followed by the pound sign (#).  After you enter the extension number, the introduction to the recording will begin, followed by the recording itself.  The telephone number and the extension number will always be the same, even as we change the recording each month.  Depending on your telephone calling plan, the call may or may not incur a charge, so it is a good idea to check whether your plan covers calls to the 641 area code.  Even if you usually participate in the tape group by computer, the telephone option is convenient when you would like to listen to the recording but for some reason do not have access to your computer.

Current Recording (Posted February 1, 2020)

The recording for this month is #137B, from the 1956 Melbourne Closed Class, titled “The Principles of ‘As’ and ‘Is,’ continued.” 

In this class, Joel is introducing world work to the students in Melbourne, Australia.  He begins by emphasizing the premise that “since you are already the fullness and completeness of God made manifest, in one way or another you must acknowledge this, and you must begin to open out so that the flow of God can go through you to this world that does not yet know the truth.”

After expanding on that premise, he speaks of his goal:  “Now then, my mission is to ask this of you—three periods of meditation every day, not for yourself … for the world.” He explains that we have an opportunity that the world has not had before, because we know the secret that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, freedom, health, wholeness, supply, peace, joy, and dominion.  So we are not to “treat” the world, but rather gain the consciousness of God’s presence; bring the “Spirit of the Lord” to human consciousness.

Joel clearly describes the three meditations, explaining that with each one, we are admitting the Christ into human consciousness solely for the benefit of the world—not for ourselves, or for our families, friends, students, or patients.  He concludes the class by saying, “Please remember, you and I as students of The Infinite Way owe a debt to this world, a debt that we can only repay if we can bring the Spirit of the Lord God almighty into its consciousness. No other way.”

  • This recording is approximately one hour long.  This class was not used as source material for any book.
  • The recording will be available for listening through February 29, 2020. 
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Suggested Wisdom to Contemplate with This Recording

(For information about the Wisdoms and how we suggest using them in world work, click here.)

“It is impossible to realize God as long as one has in mind a ‘purpose’ or ‘object’ other than realizing God.” (Wisdom 30)

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Previously Posted Recordings

January 1 – 31, 2020

Tape 427A:  1961 New York Special Class (repeat)
“World Affairs Spiritually Handled”
This class is one of two used for Chapter 12, “Infinite Way Principles and World Affairs,” in Realization of Oneness. 

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