World Work Recordings

Joel gave several beautiful classes on world work and topics related to world work.  Since Joel’s recordings are still under copy protection, we have obtained permission to post some of these recordings in their entirety for your online or telephone listening.  Each recording will be available for one month from the time of posting for listening at any time.  There is a list of previously posted recordings at the bottom of this page.  

To hear the recording by telephone, call 1-641-715-3900, and enter the extension number 828754, followed by the pound sign (#).  After you enter the extension number, the introduction to the recording will begin, followed by the recording itself.  The telephone number and the extension number will always be the same, even as we change the recording each month.  Depending on your telephone calling plan, the call may or may not incur a charge, so it is a good idea to check whether your plan covers calls to the 641 area code.  Even if you usually participate in the tape group by computer, the telephone option is convenient when you would like to listen to the recording but for some reason do not have access to your computer.

Current Recording (Posted November 1, 2019)

The current recording is #395B, from the 1961 Los Angeles Closed Class, titled “The Temple or Sanctuary, continued.” 

In this extraordinarily beautiful class, Joel teaches us how to make our consciousness a holy temple, a sanctuary, and shows us how to maintain this temple in purity so that it will be a blessing, a benediction, and a healing influence to all who are seeking light, healing, forgiveness, and peace.

Every time that we are in prayer or meditation—whether alone or in a group—with the pure motive of experiencing the Presence, we benefit the world because we are in the presence of God, and where God is, there is fulfillment.  Joel suggests that to benefit the world, we meditate with this intent: “My consciousness now is the temple of God.  There is absent from this temple all self-interest, self-desire.  I am here only as a transparency for the Spirit of God.  I am here only that all in the world who are seeking light may find entrance to my consciousness and be illumined.  I am here only for one purpose—that the sick, the sinner, the dying, who are reaching out for life, who are reaching out for forgiveness, who are reaching out for health, may find entrance into this tabernacle which I am, and from which all sense of self is absent, so that the benediction which is the grace of God, may touch all who enter here.”

  • This recording is approximately 45 minutes long.  This class is one of three used to prepare Chapter 9, “Two or More Gathered Together,” in The Altitude of Prayer.  
  • The recording will be available for listening through November 30, 2019. 
  • To purchase the recording from the Infinite Way Office, click here.  (Remember that all Goldsmith classes are available for purchase on iTunes as well.  If you use iTunes, this may be a more convenient ordering option for you.)

If you prefer to listen to this recording from the Sanctuary page, which is a visually serene environment, click here. 

Suggested Wisdom to Contemplate with This Recording

(For information about the Wisdoms and how we suggest using them in world work, click here.)

“Since God alone IS, and is omnipresence, prayer, true prayer, is a state of consciousness, a conscious communion in union.” (Wisdom 90)

 To download a bookmark with this Wisdom that can be printed, click here.

Previously Posted Recordings (2019)

October 1-31, 2019

Recording 55B, 1953 Second New York Practitioner Class
“Isaiah’s Nature and Fulfillment of Christ”

This class was not used as source material for a book.

September 1-30, 2019

Recording 35A, 1953 Second Seattle Class
“Fishers of Men”

This class is the basis for Chapter 11, “Awake Thou that Sleepest,” in Leave Your Nets. 

August 1-31, 2019

Recording 368B: 1960 Maui Work
“The Tree of Life”

This class is the basis for Chapter 28, “The Tree of Life,” in  A Parenthesis in Eternity.

July 1-31, 2019

Recording 549B: 1964 Oahu / Maui Series
“Between Two WorldsMystical Power”

This class was used as source material for Chapter 11, “Spiritual Supply,” and Chapter 12, “The Power and Dominion,” in Living Between Two Worlds.

June 1-30, 2019

Tape 414: 1961 London Open Class, Side 2
“Fruitage of Spiritual Communion, Part 2”
This class was not used as source material for any book.

May 1-31, 2019

Tape 356:  1960 England Open Class, Side 2
“Putting Up the Sword Is the Secret”
This class was not used as the basis for any book chapter.

April 1-30, 2019

Tape 526: 1963 London Work, Side 2
“The New Message, continued”
This class was used as source material for several chapters in the writings:

1) Chapter 12, “Christ-Consciousness as a Universal Experience,” in A Message for the Ages
2) Chapter 12, “Christ As the Consciousness of Mankind,” in Consciousness Is What I Am
3) Chapter 10, “The New Dispensation,” in I Stand on Holy Ground.  

March 1-31, 2019

Tape 228: 1958 London Open Class, Side 2
“Nature of Spiritual Power”
This class is one of three used for Chapter 16, “IS,” in The Art of Spiritual Healing and one of three used for Chapter 10, “The Government Is on His Shoulders,” in Our Spiritual Resources

February 1-28, 2019

Tape 400: 1961 San Diego Special Class, Side 2
“The Essence of The Infinite Way, continued”
To the best of our knowledge, this class was not used as source material for any book.

January 1-31, 2019 

Tape 118: 1955 Kailua Study Group, Side 2
“The Christ on Earth”
This class is the basis for the December 1955 Letter, “Christmas, 1955,” in The Heart of Mysticism: Volume II – 1955 Letters.  

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