What Is Channel 1?

As most of you know, Virginia Stephenson is one of the five teachers whom Joel personally appointed to teach The Infinite Way.  She suggested an interesting way to help us determine where we are in consciousness, which was to ask ourselves if we are tuned in to “Channel 1” or “Channel 2.”  She said:

“There has to be a degree of alertness.  You have to monitor what you hear, and when you hear the carnal mind speaking, whether it comes forth from someone else’s thought or just enters your mind, you have to recognize, ‘This is Channel 2.  It is that old devil, carnal mind, hypnotism, nothingness, no person, no place, no thing, no condition.’  You have to recognize that it is absolute nothingness and dismiss it.  Then as you listen and as you hear truth expressed in many ways, or you see it as the tenderness, kindness, love, generosity, happiness and joy that is being expressed in the world through man, through the plants, through the flowers, the sunset, the beauty, you recognize, ‘Hmmm …  The light is on.’  You have recognized the Real. “

When you recognize the Real, you are tuned to Channel 1.  Virginia continues:

“So you are monitoring what is taking place.  What is coming into your awareness – Channel 2 or Channel 1?  You have a choice.  We all have a choice.  We can choose what we entertain in our awareness and what we believe.  We are not victims.  No one is a victim.  No one is a victim of anything unless they accept it.  You have to accept something before you can suffer from it.  So we have a choice.”

The purpose of this page is to offer resources to help you stay tuned to Channel 1.  We will change them from time to time.

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Posted on October 17, 2020

For Contemplation

From Living Between Two Worlds, Chapter 5, “The World of Material Sense and the World of Spiritual Discernment”

Am I accepting external powers?  Am I accepting power in things?  Or am I accepting the truth that all dominion is given unto me, and this means individual consciousness?  If all power is in individual consciousness, then all power is good, and there is no power external to it.

We may be faced with an epidemic … and that is a temptation to believe there is a destructive or evil power in the infection or the contagion.  But we must realize that NO weapon that is formed against us can prosper, and it cannot, if we have learned not to take up the sword. … “This world” is a mental world.  The body cannot be sick without our accepting sickness in the mind.  The body of itself certainly cannot sin; it cannot of itself steal or defraud.  In fact, we cannot carry out anything physically without first accepting it in the mind.  The world of mind is the material sense of world.

Then there is “My kingdom,” the divine Consciousness, which is revealed by that mind that was in Christ Jesus.  The attainment of that divine Consciousness is our goal, and once we have access to the divine Consciousness, we are experiencing less of the effects of the universal carnal mind of man and more of the fruitage of the mind of God.  The ultimate in attainment is when we achieve full conscious union with the divine Consciousness.

There is a material sense of existence which is responsible for the ills or discords that come our way. … We never will be free of the discords and inharmonies of life while we are accepting appearances and believing that it is a person, group, or nation, or weather, climate, infection, or contagion that is responsible for our ills. The ills are due only to one thing: to a material sense of existence.

To the extent that you and I are still troubled with problems, be assured that it is because some measure of material sense persists. We still entertain a material sense of body; we still entertain a material sense of volcanoes and earthquakes.  None of these is material, for God created all that was made, and God is Spirit.

For Reading

June 1958 Letter: “Security Through God-Realization”

In the past, this Letter has been published in the book of 1958 Letters as well as in The Heart of Mysticism (single volume).  Currently, it is published in The Heart of Mysticism, Volume V: The 1958 Infinite Way Letters.

For Listening

Recording 325B: 1960 Chicago Closed Class, “From the Law to Conscious Knowing of the Truth, continued”

This recording was used as source material for Chapter 7, “Consciously Knowing the Truth,” in The Art of Spiritual Living.   While this recording was part of our study of that book, it is a class session that bears repeating, especially in these times.    

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