What Is Channel 1?

As most of you know, Virginia Stephenson is one of the five teachers whom Joel personally appointed to teach The Infinite Way.  She suggested an interesting way to help us determine where we are in consciousness, which was to ask ourselves if we are tuned in to “Channel 1” or “Channel 2.”  She said:

“There has to be a degree of alertness.  You have to monitor what you hear, and when you hear the carnal mind speaking, whether it comes forth from someone else’s thought or just enters your mind, you have to recognize, ‘This is Channel 2.  It is that old devil, carnal mind, hypnotism, nothingness, no person, no place, no thing, no condition.’  You have to recognize that it is absolute nothingness and dismiss it.  Then as you listen and as you hear truth expressed in many ways, or you see it as the tenderness, kindness, love, generosity, happiness and joy that is being expressed in the world through man, through the plants, through the flowers, the sunset, the beauty, you recognize, ‘Hmmm …  The light is on.’  You have recognized the Real. “

When you recognize the Real, you are tuned to Channel 1.  Virginia continues:

“So you are monitoring what is taking place.  What is coming into your awareness – Channel 2 or Channel 1?  You have a choice.  We all have a choice.  We can choose what we entertain in our awareness and what we believe.  We are not victims.  No one is a victim.  No one is a victim of anything unless they accept it.  You have to accept something before you can suffer from it.  So we have a choice.”

The purpose of this page is to offer resources to help you stay tuned to Channel 1.  We will change them from time to time.

You can access CHANNEL 1 from the sidebar menu on any website page that has a sidebar menu.

Please note that as of December 1, 2020, we will post Channel 1 resources on a monthly, rather than a bi-weekly basis.  

Posted on January  16, 2021

For Contemplation

From Recording 499B: 1962 Holland Closed Class, “The Spiritual Kingdom Made Manifest”

“The appearances of evil are still out there; the newspaper is full of them. Therefore, it is necessary to take a firm stand within ourselves and say, ‘I have learned that I must no longer fear appearances and no longer desire to change appearances.  Now I must just sit back and rejoice that God, Spirit, is Omnipresence, and there is nothing out here to be changed, to be removed, to be healed, to be reformed.  Out here is merely a world of appearances, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but I can ignore both because I know that the kingdom of God is within me, and the kingdom of God is Spirit; the kingdom of God is life eternal.’

“The Master says, “My Peace give I unto thee, not as the world giveth.” Therefore, I am not looking out here into this appearance world to get peace.  I am not looking out here to change appearances to get my peace.  I am going to let My peace unfold from within my own being—and it changes my world out here.”

For Reading

October 1957 Letter: “Bear Witness”

 In the past, this Letter has been published in the book of 1957 Infinite Way Letters as well as in The Heart of Mysticism (single volume).  Currently, it is published in The Heart of Mysticism, Volume IV: The 1957 Infinite Way Letters.

For Listening

Recording 323B: 1960 Chicago Open Class, “The Way of Prayer”

This recording is the basis for Chapter 10, “Let the Tares and the Wheat Grow Together,” in Living by the Word.   In this class, Joel works with the Bible passage “My kingdom is not of this world,” and then gives students an “assignment” for using it in addressing any problem—individual problem or world problem—that comes to our awareness.

For a printable summary of the “assignment,” click here.

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