Joel Goldsmith and The Infinite Way

A few years ago, we prepared an introduction to The Infinite Way message for the “Learn” section of the Acropolis Books website.  Now we are offering that introduction here on the Goldsmith Global website for the benefit of new students.  To explore a topic, simply click on the topic title.

Who Is Joel Goldsmith?

What Is The Infinite Way?

Audio Excerpts from Joel’s Classes

Joel’s Study Recommendations

In addition to the resources above that are on this website, a new book titled An Introduction to The Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith is now available.  It was written by Elizabeth Parker, who is the co-host of Goldsmith Global, the creator of our website content for the past 11 years, and a contributor to many other Infinite Way activities.

The book is an introduction to Joel’s Infinite Way message, written especially for students who are interested in or new to The Infinite Way. It  explains the premise, the purpose, and the major spiritual principles and practices of The Infinite Way message. It introduces the reader to spiritual healing and the mystical life as Joel Goldsmith teaches them, and it suggests a beginning study plan.  The book is based throughout on excerpts from Joel’s books and recordings, and gives new students a place to start, a foundation from which they can engage in a uniquely personal exploration of Joel’s message.  More experienced students may find the book helpful as well, especially if they have been studying the message for some time but still feel that they have not quite grasped the essence of it.

An Introduction to The Infinite Way Message of Joel S. Goldsmith  is available in print and e-book formats from Amazon.com and in print format from local bookstores by request.