What’s New – October 2017

Posted on October 21, 2017

We have posted a new Question and Answer from Joel.  A student asked, “How do we not pray for things when a seeming need or desire comes to mind?”

Posted on October 1, 2017

*  New Publications from Acropolis 

The Christmas Letters 

Acropolis Books has published a new book titled The Christmas Letters.  It is a compilation of many of the December Infinite Way Monthly Letters that Joel sent to his students around the world over the many years of his ministry.  This beautiful book has been published under the cooperative agreement that Acropolis has with the Estate of Joel Goldsmith and Mystics of the World.

These Letters shine a new spiritual light on the inner joy of the Christmas season, and each one celebrates an aspect of the universal Christ message of true identity—the Christ within us.  They highlight the profound truth that the significance of Christmas is that every day, the Christ IS the living reality within each and every soul, awaiting recognition.  The book takes the reader beyond the materialistic veneer of Christmas to imbibe the depth of the true spiritual meaning of the holiday / holy day.  For more detail about The Christmas Letters or to purchase the book, click here.

Contemplations 2018 Calendar

The Contemplations calendar for 2018 is now available.  This spiral-bound, 52-week desk calendar features inspirational quotations from Joel’s compelling book Consciousness Is What I Am.  Exquisite photography and artwork complement the quotations, and space is provided for journaling and personal reflections.  Acropolis Books has added a special new feature to the 2018 edition of Contemplations.  The calendar includes a complimentary bonus booklet of Chapter 9, “The Issues of Life Are in Consciousness,” from Consciousness Is What I Am.  This pocket-sized booklet provides an extended sampling of the deep spiritual wisdom in that book.   For more detail or to purchase the calendar, click here.

*  New World Work Recording Posted  

We have posted a new world work recording, which you can hear any time.  The recording will be available through October 31.

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