What’s New – February 2018

Posted on February 17, 2018

Our Next Study Program

In mid-March, we will finish with the book Realization of Oneness.  This has been a most valuable, in-depth study of the healing principles as Joel presented them, and we thank you sincerely for your participation.

Before we turn to another book, we are going to take up a study of the “eight most important chapters” that Joel recommended from the Infinite Way writings.  In Chapter 10 of The Contemplative Life, Joel named eight specific chapters for serious study saying, “In order to build a consciousness of truth, all Infinite Way students should know the following passages as well as they know their own names.”  Later he said that these chapters are of paramount importance to the serious student because they contain the answers to almost every individual problem that can be brought to us, including family relations, illness, and supply. “If you work with those specific writings;” Joel said, “apply them to the problems of life that come to you in your own experience or that of your family or your patients; if you work with them over and over, they will develop fourth dimensional consciousness.”

We invite you to study these chapters in parallel with the associated recordings that we will hear.  The eight chapters are:

  1. “The New Horizon,” in The Infinite Way
  2. Chapter 4, “God Is One,” in Living the Infinite Way
  3. “Protection,” the March 1955 Infinite Way Letter, in The Heart of Mysticism (Note that The 1955 Letters is no longer published as a separate book.  The 1955 through 1959 Letters have been consolidated into The Heart of Mysticism.)
  4. “Break the Fetters That Bind You,” the October 1958 Infinite Way Letter, in The Heart of Mysticism (Note:  The 1958 Letters is no longer published as a separate book.  The 1955 through 1959 Letters have been consolidated into The Heart of Mysticism.)
  5. Chapter 8, “Contemplation Develops the Beholder,” in The Contemplative Life
  6. “Introduction,” in Practicing the Presence
  7. Chapter 5, “Love Thy Neighbor,” in Practicing the Presence
  8. Chapter 11, “The Relationship of Oneness,” in The Art of Spiritual Healing

Most likely, you already have the books in which these chapters appear.  If not, the books are readily and economically available in both print and e-book formats.  Clicking on the title of the book in the list above will take you to the book detail page for that book on the Acropolis Books website.  There, you can use the links provided to order the book.  Also, you can order print books by calling DeVorss & Company at 1-800-843-5743 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Pacific time.

We look forward with joy to studying these important chapters with you.

New Question and Answer

We have posted a new question and answer, in which Joel replies to a student who asks him to explain the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Posted on February 10, 2018

Gods Valentines

Posted on February 4, 2018

easter announcement

The print version of The Easter Letters is currently available from Amazon and DeVorss.  The e-book version is coming soon.  Further details about the book are on the Acropolis Books website.

Posted on February 3, 2018

We have posted a new question and answer from Joel.  The questioner asks about how to help a friend who has become gloomy and depressed.  Of course, Joel’s answer takes us right back to the spiritual principles of The Infinite Way.

Posted on February 1, 2018

We have posted a new recording related to world work.  To read about it, click here.

Re-Posted on February 1, 2018

New Telephone Service for World Work Recordings

As of Feburary 1, we will begin using an improved service for listening to the world work recordings by telephone.  The new service allows listeners to have more control over their listening experience.  Listeners can now pause and resume the playback, and skip back or skip forward in 30 second increments.  These features can be especially valuable if you want to review something Joel said, or pause for a moment to think about it.

The new number to call will be 1-641-715-3900.  When you call that number, you will be asked to enter an “extension number,” which is 828754 followed by the pound sign (#).  After you enter the extension number, the introduction to the world work recording will begin, followed by the recording itself. The extension number will always be the same, even as we change the recording each month.

After February 1, if you call the current number (916-245-2772) and press option 7, you will hear an announcement that will refer you to the new telephone number and extension number.

As always, you may want to check that the area code for the new service (area code 641) is within your telephone calling plan.

We trust that those of you who use telephone access to hear the monthly world work recording will find the service easy to use and will continue to enjoy the monthly selections and find them valuable.

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