What’s New – April 2021

Posted on April 17, 2021

New Posts

  • We have posted a new Question and Answer from Joel.  The student speaks about the inclination to sleep and asks Joel to explain whether we need sleep or whether we can transcend it.
  • We have posted new resources to the Channel 1 page.

Channel 1 Posts Will End on May 15

In March of 2020, we started the Channel 1 feature on our site to help us be centered and keep our minds stayed on truth during the most humanly intense phase of the pandemic appearance.  At that time, our intention was to continue Channel 1 for up to a year.  The one-year mark has now passed, and it seems the world is coming out from under that heavy temptation, albeit slowly.

This month’s Channel 1 posting will be the last one we will offer for now.  We trust that you have found these selections to be supportive.  Certainly, the world has benefitted from your attention to them.  As Joel said, “Every bit of spiritual light which you and I as individuals attain increases the amount of Christ-consciousness that is loosed in the world.” 

The selections for this month end this series on a perfect note.  In the selected reading and recording, Joel gives us the secret to harmonious, fearless living: surrendering the personal sense of self for the realization of our spiritual identity. He says:

“When this transition takes place, and this fellow ‘I’ is absent, all of a sudden you can hear about germs and infection and contagion and you can hear about enemies without reacting to them, because now there is no ‘I’ entertaining a belief about them or a concept or an opinion about them.  The word germ doesn’t frighten, the word infection, the word tidal wave, war, bomb, these no longer frighten, and the reason they no longer frighten is there is no I there. … There is no more I that needs protecting. There is no more I that needs healing, or redeeming, or saving. There is no more I.  There is no more personal sense of self, because now this vision reveals that I am God. I and my Father are one.”

Going forward, human challenges will still appear—seeming threats to health, divisive politics, racial tension and conflict.  To meet these, Joel counsels us to consciously remember not to judge by appearances; by what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell; but to BE STILL and LET this inner wisdom reveal to us that which is before us.

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