World Work in Joel’s Words – May 2019

Joel taught that rising in consciousness to realized Christhood is not ultimately for our own benefit, but the means to uplift the consciousness of mankind universally and dispel the ignorance of truth that is at the root of all human trouble.  He spoke often about how we as individuals can be an influence in bringing that freedom to the world. 

On the first of each month, we post an excerpt from Joel’s writings on this topic.  The following excerpt is another one from Chapter 12, “Do Not ‘Pass By on the Other Side,” in The Mystical I.

Power is not in the evil condition.  Power, God, is in the “still small voice.”  Do you want God?  Do you want God-power?  Do you want God’s grace?  Then be still!  And when the still small voice speaks, you have it.  What happens when you are in the inner stillness is that the presence of God is realized, and It does the work, whatever the nature of that work is.

The importance of this principle is far greater than you can imagine.  The realization of God is not so that you or anyone else should find health, abundance, or happiness.  Be assured that God has no interest in that at all.  If, in the Infinite Way, there were ten thousand or a hundred thousand of us who really attained health, wealth, and happiness, it would still not be too great an accomplishment, since there are millions and millions of people on earth and more being born every day.  So our individual regeneration would be practically meaningless.

It is only insofar as the light coming to you and to me is permitted to be shown forth in the world that we serve any purpose on earth.  We were not sent here just to become happy human beings.  We were sent here on earth to glorify God, that God’s laws should be made manifest through us and that through us the world might witness the laws of God in operation, the laws that make men free.

There is a mental inertia that operates universally in this human world, preventing even those who have been taught how to prepare themselves spiritually for the day from doing so.  This mental inertia makes them forget to realize God’s presence; it makes them forget to realize that mesmerism or malpractice is not spiritually ordained, and therefore is not operative in the individual consciousness that has realized the Presence.  For the person, however, who does engage in daily spiritual preparation, the realization of the presence of God and the non-power of mesmerism or malpractice nullifies the effects of universal hypnotism, and in some degree these effects are also nullified for the entire world.  A group of diligent students could not only free themselves from discords, but they would gradually free their communities, families, neighbors, friends, nations, and eventually free the world.

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