World Work in Joel’s Words – September 2019

Joel taught that rising in consciousness to realized Christhood is not ultimately for our own benefit, but the means to uplift the consciousness of mankind universally and dispel the ignorance of truth that is at the root of all human trouble.  He spoke often about how we as individuals can be an influence in bringing that freedom to the world. 

On the first of each month, we post an excerpt from Joel’s writings on this topic.  The following excerpt is  from Chapter 18, “A Circle of Christhood,” in The Art of Meditation. 

Every mystic throughout the ages has succeeded in opening the consciousness of students to the experience of the Spirit of the Lord. In some cases, hundreds received it through their teacher.  But the world went on its merry way to destruction, because those who reached this high state of consciousness set up a worship of the teacher rather than a practice of the teaching.  Everyone who through this work is touched by the Christ should dedicate himself to opening the consciousness of others in the same way as has been done for him.  This he can do by being a witness to the activity of the Christ in his own consciousness, demonstrating to the world that anyone with sufficient interest and devotion may be led to the same experience.

Wherever there is a realized God-consciousness, it becomes an instrument through which God functions in human consciousness.  The activity of the Christ can function through my consciousness, reaching and touching yours to illumine, heal, and supply.  In the same manner, as you are attuned to the Infinite Invisible in meditation, Christ finds an outlet through your consciousness, touching the lives of others, awakening their consciousness, and bringing what the world calls healing to their bodies and affairs.  The activity of the Christ, with no human intervention, flows into whatever human consciousness is opening itself to God’s grace.

The day will come when there will be a band, a circle of spiritual wisdom around the entire globe.  The fabric of this circle will be formed throughout the world by the realized Christ-consciousness of teachers and students.  When this circle has been developed sufficiently, then everybody who seeks spiritual light will be able to reach out and touch the realized Christ-consciousness of anyone in this band of illumined Souls.  Then the world will be uplifted, not one by one, but by the millions.  When this consciousness is released through individual realization in meditation and communion, it can no longer be localized in either time or space and anyone in the world who touches it can attain it in some measure.

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