World Work in Joel’s Words — November 2018

The following excerpt is from Chapter 9, “The Nature of Consciousness,” in the book Living Now.

You are one with God only when love is the animating principle of your existence: nonjudgment, nonviolence, no revenge, no punishing of anyone.  Then you can be at peace because you are in tune with the Infinite.  Nothing is flowing through you but love, and because love is life, nothing is flowing through you but life.  When you are attuned to your Self, when you are no longer violating your Self, you are one with the spiritual identity of everyone on earth.  To be at peace with your consciousness is to be at peace with everyone and everything in the world.

When you have attained a consciousness of peace, you consciously have to bestow that peace on all who come within range of your consciousness.  In other words, while walking on the street or driving a car, there must be the conscious realization that the peace which you have found will envelop those who surround you, whether in the home, in business, or on the highways.  If you are not sharing the Consciousness you have found, It remains locked up inside of you and cannot function.  You can receive only in proportion to your giving.  Therefore, when you consciously realize your relationship to God, look around you and remember many times a day that this is the truth about your neighbor.  The fact that he does not know it makes no difference.  You must spread the aroma of the atmosphere in which you live.

Do you have any idea what contribution you could make to mankind if you could reveal by your own life that you are at peace with the world, and therefore at peace with God and with every man?  In that, you have the remedy for every ill there is in the world.  But, just as it can function only as you can accept and live it through a recognition of oneness, so must the world first accept it before it can begin to live it.

There never will be peace on earth through any means as yet known to the human world until there is the imparting of peace from within.  Peace can come only when the world becomes convinced that it needs no victories and no conquests, and that if these are needed they will unfold in some natural and normal way.

No one can rise higher than his consciousness, and that consciousness of peace comes through an awareness of oneness with the Father.  In the degree that you learn that you do not need anything from another, but that you can freely share that which has come to you as a gift of God without lessening what you yourself have, will you have realized the only real basis there is for peace.  As long as you have a conviction that you need something from someone, you cannot be at peace because unconsciously a protective mechanism arises in the person who thinks you are trying to get something from him.  But if you know that God is the source of your good, you can fully and readily share that which you have.  The measure of peace in your home or among your associates can be gauged by the degree of peace and brotherly love already established in your consciousness.

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