What’s New – May 2020

Posted on May 16, 2020

Posted on May 9, 2020

Recordings for Chapters 1-12 in The Art of Spiritual Living  now available for
listening at any time

We are happy to announce that we have been able to post all the source recordings for Chapters 1 – 12 in The Art of Spiritual Living, and they are now available for listening any time.  Previously we had posted the source recording for a chapter for just ten weeks after we heard it in our online group session.  Now we have re-posted the recordings for Chapters 1-5.

Having all of the recordings available allows you to review ANY chapter at any time, and also enables any student who may have come to the book study after it was underway to catch up.  The source recording for Chapter 12 will be posted on Saturday, May 16.  All recordings will then be available for one month following the conclusion of our study of The Art of Spiritual Living. 

Posted on May 2, 2020

Re-Posted on May 2, 2020

News from Acropolis Books!

Acropolis Books, the publisher of record for Joel Goldsmith’s books,  has published a new book compiled from Joel’s recordings and writings that highlights Joel’s instruction and counsel on issues of particular importance to all of us in 2020.  This is the description of the book from the Acropolis Books website:

“Acropolis Books is pleased to announce the release of an exciting new book: The Government of Eden. This extraordinary compilation of Joel Goldsmith’s classwork focuses on areas of deep concern today, including government, politics, and voting.

“Drawn from nearly 300 transcripts and numerous books, The Government of Eden offers an enlightening message of assurance, conviction, and practicality that is both timely and timeless. This volume is comprised of teachings that illuminate not only the nature of our divine consciousness, but also our all-important responsibilities as spiritual citizens. With clarity and authority, the author details a spiritual approach to national and international affairs, governing, voting, politics, equality, tolerance, and other crucial issues that confront us regularly. Joel is not only calling us back to the peaceful garden of freedom and fulfillment within, but also guiding us to and through the gates of Eden, which have never been locked – except in belief.

“We invite you to carefully examine the precious gems presented in this remarkable collection of spiritual revelations and insights. We are confident that you will find The Government of Eden to be an essential and living resource for spiritual development and awareness.”

This book is available in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle editions.

To “look inside” or purchase the e-book or print book from Amazon, click here.
To purchase the e-book or print book online from Barnes and Noble, click here.
To purchase the e-book from Apple Books, click here.

To purchase the book by telephone, call DeVorss at (805) 322-9010. 
You can also order the book from your local bookstore.  If the store requests the ISBN number, it is 978-0-87491-001-8.

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