Whats New – March 2016

Easter Blessings

Dear Friends,

The Easter season turns our thought to the deeper meaning of crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.  In his classes and writings, Joel, our marvelous way shower, gave us a beautiful way to understand these spiritual ideas.  Here are two of his many “rays of light”:

“[The] crucifixion comes into your life and mine through the constant study and practice of a spiritual message until one beautiful day the truth dawns in our consciousness, ‘Know ye not ye are the sons of the living God?’  Then all personal sense within us has been crucified and is dead.  It takes but a short while, symbolically called “three days in the tomb,” for the realization to dawn upon us that we have been reborn, and this time, reborn of the Spirit. … We, too, step out of the tomb – the tomb of human belief, the tomb of physical powers, the tomb of human personality.  … We show forth more and more of the qualities of divine Sonship…”  (April 1958 Monthly Letter, page 856 in The Heart of Mysticism)

“When you catch a tiny glimpse of the truth that life is not entombed in the body, you will understand the meaning of the Resurrection.  It is true that Jesus was entombed, that is, confined in a tomb, just as today it appears that human beings are confined to their bodies.  But when the tomb was opened, was Jesus there?  No, he had risen.  The Christ, the divine Self, could not be entombed: The Christ, your divine Self, cannot be entombed in a body, and someday the realization must come, ‘I am not entombed in a body; I never was entombed in a body.  I live and move and have my being in God—not in the tomb of material concept.  I abide in the word of God, and the word of God abides in me—not in the body.”  (March 1959 Letter, page 1060 in The Heart of Mysticism )

May your Easter gift be the continual rising above all perceived limitations into the glorious freedom of life by Grace – the full realization of Self-completeness in God, where you can say with the Master, “I have overcome the world.”   

Our most loving wishes to you and yours for every blessing of the Easter season,
Marty and Liz