Scripture Study with Joel: Session 1 – 6/6/20 and 6/13/20

The Recording for Session 1

The Recording for Session 1 is 391B, from the 1961 Maui Work, titled “Scriptural Quotation Lesson, continued.”  It is the basis for Chapter 8, “Scripture As a Way of Life,” in  Living by the Word. 

*  This recording was posted through July 31, 2020.  It is no longer available on this site.
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Additional Offerings for Study

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Joel’s Suggestions

In this class, Joel gave a few study recommendations.  First, he encouraged us to use a Bible Concordance.  Second, he suggested a way to work with Bible passages: “The profit that comes from reading the Bible is in being able to select a passage of Scripture, take it into meditation, ponder it, try to get back into the spirit and experience of the one who revealed it, or the circumstances that brought it forth, and then seeing whole new meanings that are brought to light by those things.”

Third, at the end of the class, he asked the students to work with specific Scripture passages.  The first was: “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Psalm 127:1)

The second was “God is not in the whirlwind, but in the still, small voice.”  (See 1 Kings 19:11-12)  Joel suggested that we use that passage as the opening for our day, remembering that God is not in the problems; God is not in the storms of life.  “God is not external to you; God is in the still small voice within you.  Then, regardless of what takes place in your day, you will remember this, and then you’ll remember that there’s no power in the storm, there’s no power in the external circumstance,  All the power there is, is in the still small voice within you. Regardless of the lions that you face on the street, or the storms, or the headlines, remember, God is not in these; power is not in these. All power is in the still small voice within you.”


If you are interested in learning more from Joel about Scripture, any of these three books by Joel will be helpful:

Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture
Living by the Word
The Master Speaks

Also, in some of Joel’s classes, he recommends two books on the Bible by Marchette Chute: “I find a great deal of good in Marchette Chute’s books, The Search for God and  The End of the Search. They seem to answer something in me along the lines of scripture.”  The Search for God  addresses the one idea that dominates the whole Bible, despite the fact that the Bible was written in a variety of forms by a variety of men.  The End of the Search  is about the book of Revelation.

Other Resources

*  The “Questions and Answers” archive on our website includes several questions about the Bible. These two complement this lesson:

Q:  Do you recommend the New English Bible, New Testament by Oxford University and Cambridge University Press, and other versions and translations such as the Revised Standard Version Holy Bible by George Lamsa and the Smith Goodspeed Bible?  To read, click here.

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*  Online Bible websites offer a built-in Concordance, the ability to create your own customized parallel Bible, and many other wonderful features for Bible study. If you do not already use one of these sites, you might want to explore them.  The two most popular are BibleGateway.com and biblehub.com.

*  Amazon offers free e-book Bibles in many different translations as well as many free e-books on the Bible. Search on “free Bible.”

*  The Apple App Store offers many free Bible versions and a multitude of free apps for Bible study. Search on “Bible.”