Questions and Answers from Joel Posted in 2020

12/19/20:  After deep spiritual talks, it is impossible for me to talk with others, even other students.  Is this wrong and how can it be corrected?

12/5/20:  Please comment on the quotation that appears in the Infinite Way books that starts “Illumination dissolves all material ties.” 

11/14/20:  Can you give us something with which to answer the current fears and anxieties about the radioactivity of the earth’s atmosphere due to the atomic explosions?

11/7/20:  What is the Infinite way viewpoint regarding the theory of evolution?

10/17/20:  Could consciousness be so purified that what appears as a human body fade out from human sight and not have to go through the process called death?

10/3/20: Could you please talk to us about the Circle of Christhood?

9/19/20:  When tempted to indulge in negative thoughts such as antagonism and so forth, what is the best way to cope with them and nullify the effects?

9/5/20:  All my life I have lived with a fear of some kind … and then it mentions different fears … and how can I overcome this?

8/15/20: Would you please explain the unreality of death and life eternal?

8/1/20: If God is present; if God already knows my need; if it is God’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom; then why am I not experiencing it? 

7/18/20: What is the difference, if any, between realization and illumination?

7/4/20: Please explain the term “the Christ” as it is used in our work.

6/20/20: How do we specifically annul the belief of heredity?

6/6/20:  How can I truly believe in medicines and [other] cures, and continue to [use them], secretly having a belief that they will ease and cure aches and pains?

5/16/20: Are trials proof of God’s care?

5/2/20: Please explain your statement “Realization is demonstration.”

4/18/20: Why do so many people who never think seriously of God or spiritual things find success and happiness and very often experience few or no problems?

4/4/20: Why is there so much sin, disease, death, and war on earth if there is such a God as is taught in the churches? Why are there crippled or stillborn children? 

3/21/20: Why should a person be “on the mountain top,” and then down in the depths?

3/7/20: Do we lose our identity when we return to God? 

2/15/20: Why is it that I have been studying for so long and achieved so little result? 

2/1/20: Please tell us something about the Transfiguration.

1/18/20: When we turn to God, when we are seeking divine guidance in our daily affairs, how do we know whether or not it is divine guidance?

1/4/20: Would you please explain in your own words this statement: “When we can look at a problem without running from it or struggling against it, this very problem ceases to exist”?