Questions and Answers from Joel Posted in 2019

12/21/19Where does error come from since God is all in all?

12/7/19: How does one stop conscious thought from racing through one’s mind during meditation?

11/16/19:  How should we handle statements of discord from others without raising antagonism or inviting an argument? 

11/2/19: Please explain what you mean in saying that if you experience what we know as death, you will find that you have not left the body here, you have taken your body with you.”

10/19/19: Is fear the basis of all disease?

10/5/19: Please explain the seeming contradiction between saying that nothing in you is responsible for your ills, and then saying that if you are not free, it is because of your lack of knowing the truth. 

9/21/19: Should we be free from hunger and thirst?  If not, what is their place in our lives?

9/7/19: Why do truth students still come under claims of illness now and then and have to work out of them?

8/17/19:  If we are reincarnated, why does the population increase?

8/3/19:  Can one ever make a decision if he successfully refrains from judging?

7/20/19:  Some say there is no physical body, only spiritual body. What then is this body which we now use?

7/6/19: Is it the material body which manifests God? 

6/15/19: How did Moses do his works such as turning a stick into a serpent, which is usually regarded as phenomena of hypnotism? 

6/1/19: Please speak about the transfiguration.

5/18/19: Christian Science teaches that the body is a sensual concept.  The Infinite Way teaches that the body is the temple of the living God.  Would you clarify this, please?

5/4/19: You have said in your writings that supply is one of the easiest demonstrations for a spiritual student to make.  Why? 

4/20/19: What is your interpretation when Jesus said, “My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

4/6/19: How does one pray for one’s enemies if one does not take cognizance of error into prayer?

3/16/19: Do you recommend the New English Bible, New Testament by Oxford University and Cambridge University Press, and other versions and translations such as the Revised Standard Version Holy Bible by George Lamsa and the Smith Goodspeed Bible?

3/2/19: Please explain how to distinguish the difference between the Presence and an emotional sensation. 

2/16/19: Please explain: “Your heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of…”

2/2/19: How can I experience myself more and more as Spirit without getting into the mental plane?

1/19/19: Will you please explain pre-existent consciousness that one brings forth with them?

1/5/19: Why doesn’t God make surgery unnecessary? 

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