Questions and Answers from Joel Posted in 2018

12/15/18:  Would you say that for a student who is progressing on the spiritual path that it is more important to study your later writings?
12/1/18:  Please give your opinion on astrology
11/17/18: Where does error come from, since God is all in all? 
11/3/18:  You spoke about stilling the mind.  Can you give us more help with this?
10/20/18: Will you enlarge on the statement  ‘Take no thought’?  How may we avoid this human planning?
10/6/18:  Will you please speak further on reincarnation?
9/15/18:  What should the proper attitude be for an Infinite Way student when faced with economic hardships or pressing bills?
9/1/18:  While we do not take a problem into prayer, are we not ever to sit quietly and seek a solution on the human level?
8/18/18:  If God has nothing to do with disease, pain, old age, and death, how do you explain that everything in nature dies?
8/4/18:  Why do I not make more rapid progress, receive healing, or find supply?
7/21/18:  If God is mind, or even if He is consciousness, is His activity not mental?
7/7/18:  If God knows nothing about the human experience, how could He tell you what to teach or even be conscious of one needing light?
6/16/18: If one has a physical problem, what is the best and quickest way to rise above it?
6/2/18:  How does one take no thought before receiving spiritual direction?
5/19/18:  Please speak about the appearance of change.  I’m trying to overcome the fear of a so-called transition.
5/5/18:  Can effective protective treatment be given for another?
4/21/18:  What brings us under the government, protection, and healing influence of God?
4/7/18:  If we are not to petition God, then of what avail is it to say, ‘God bless a dear one?’
3/17/18:  How is the body to be regarded?
3/3/18:  Please define Soul.
2/17/18:  Please explain the loaves and fishes miracle.
2/3/18:  How can we help an individual who has taken on the habit of gloom?
1/20/18:  How would a truly illumined soul die?  Would they make an ascension?
1/6/18:  How do we know if we have received divine guidance?

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