Questions and Answers from Joel (9/17/16)

Q:        Does reiterating truth statements mentally ever result in these truths becoming an experience of Spirit?  If not, what is the step?  In The Art of Meditation, it speaks of these statements becoming “an experience of the heart.”  Could this be what is meant by using the mind as a medium of awareness?

A:        Yes, definitely.  We had that in our first hour. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.”  “ Lean not on thine own understanding.  Acknowledge him in all thy ways, and He will give thee rest.”

In proportion as you abide in words of truth and let the words of truth abide in you, they eventually become realizations.  In other words, it is as if I were to say to you, “Supply cannot come to you from any source or any direction, not even from God.” As a matter of fact, God Itself is supply, and God is omnipresence, right where you are.  God does not ever “result” in supply.  God does not send supply, or give supply, or create supply, for God, being infinite Spirit, is all the supply there is in the world. Therefore, when you have God, you have an infinity of supply. You have all there is. “Son, thou art ever with me; all that I have is thine.

Now, I give this to you as a spiritual principle and as the truth. Then, from this moment on, every time a sense of lack appears to you  … you must consciously declare within yourself, “God is fulfillment. The presence of God is my supply,” or the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”  Stop right there.  The Lord is my supply.  That’s why I cannot want.  IS!  God is omnipresence.  God is fulfillment.  Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom from lack, limitation, injustice, inequality, and so forth. God is, and therefore I am.  And as you hold fast to this principle – even if in the next day or two or three, nothing seems to have changed in your life – “in a moment that ye think not, the bridegroom will be there.”  The Christ will fulfill Itself as supply.

Then you will discover why God does not give supply or send supply.  God, being infinite, is supply.  But by acknowledging this and by keeping this word of truth alive in your consciousness, you have, through your mind and the activity of your mind, broken past your mind into your Soul faculties.  And now you spiritually discern that this is the truth.  At first, it is an intellectual agreement.  At first, this consciously keeping the mind stayed on God and acknowledging God is an activity of the mind.

But remember, it is not an activity of the mind that is aimed at creating supply, or bringing you supply. It is an activity of the mind reminding you of omnipresence. Remember that whereas [in the past] you may have used mental work to create supply or companionship or harmony, in our work you will not do this. The activity of truth in your consciousness will not be for the purpose of getting supply or getting anything else. It will be for the purpose of acknowledging omnipresence; acknowledging that “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty;acknowledging that where I am, God is, for we are one, and in the presence of God there is no lack.

[From Tape 269, the 1959 San Diego Special Class, Side 2, “Questions and Answers”]