You can participate in the online tape group by computer or by telephone.  You can also participate using an Apple or Android mobile device, once you install the free Cisco WebEx Meetings app.  Apple mobile devices must be Apple IOS version 7 or higher, and Android mobile devices must be Android version 2.2 or higher.

The “frequently asked questions” below provide the basic information you need to participate in the online tape group.

For those joining the meetings by computer, we have also prepared instructions with more detail, including pictures of what you see on your computer screen as you join and participate in the meeting. These detailed instructions also provide information about how to get the best audio quality and how to get technical help if you need it. This document will be especially helpful to anyone who has never participated in an online meeting. To read, download, or print the detailed instructions, click here.

Those joining by mobile device can get detailed instructions by clicking here.

If at any time you experience technical difficulty joining an online tape group meeting, please do not hesitate to call the WebEx help service. For the U.S. and Canada, the toll-free number is 1-866-229-3239. You can find international toll-free numbers at www.webex.com/support/phonenumbers.htm.

This help service is free to all participants, and we have found the WebEx staff to be very capable and courteous. If the WebEx representative asks you for the WebEx site name, it is:
parkerbiz-events.webex.com. The host name is Marty Parker.

To view a printer-friendly copy of this entire “Instructions” page, click here.

What are the technology requirements for participating?

To join by computer, you will need a personal computer that has an Internet connection and has speakers or can accommodate an audio headset.

To join by telephone, you simply need a telephone.  See the instructions below under the question “How do I join a meeting by telephone?”

To join by a mobile device, you need the appropriate version of the device software (Apple IOS version 7 or higher for Apple devices, and Android version 2.2 or higher for Android devices), the Cisco WebEx Meetings app, and an Internet connection.  If the device has a built in speakerphone, you can use that for the audio, or for better quality audio, you can use a headset.  For full instructions about how to get the Cisco WebEx Meetings app and join a meeting from a mobile device, click here.

For best audio quality on a computer, we recommend that you use either amplified speakers or a headset. Audio quality on either a computer or a mobile device will also depend on your connection to the Internet. Most high speed or broadband connections will provide satisfactory and consistent audio quality. Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections may provide variable audio quality levels depending on the signal strength of your connection.

Audio quality on dial-up connections may or may not be satisfactory. The WebEx service requires 56Kbps (56,000 bits per second), which is the maximum provided by high-speed dial-up modems. If you have a dial-up modem, you can join a meeting and see if your audio quality is acceptable.

What online service is used?

We use the secure, established Cisco WebEx worldwide meeting service for the tape group meetings.

The first time that you join a meeting on the WebEx site by computer, WebEx will automatically download the software that enables you to participate in the meeting. If you have a broadband Internet connection, the download will take approximately 2 minutes or less. If you are using a dial-up modem, the download can take up to one hour, but you can download the WebEx Event Center software in advance. See the detailed instructions for more information.

Once the Event Center software is installed, you do not have to re-install it every time you join a meeting. However, from time to time, WebEx may download updates to the software. Typically, an update will install automatically when you join a meeting.  It usually takes just a minute or less to download and install.

To join from a mobile device, you will need the Cisco WebEx Meetings app.  For Apple devices, the app is available from the Apple iTunes App Store.  For Android devices, the app is available from the Google Play App Store.  For more information, see the detailed instructions for mobile devices.

Do I have to supply personal information to participate?

The WebEx service requires that you “sign in” to the meeting, but if you do not wish to sign in with your name, you can simply enter “Guest” or “Student” as your name. If you do not wish to use your email address, you can enter “guest@goldsmithglobal.org”. The host can see this sign-in information as part of the meeting, but it is not stored for any future use.

No personal information other than the optional name and email address is collected from the participants, and during the session, there is no display of the names of others attending the meeting.

Once you have joined a meeting and are connected to the WebEx site, if you click on the tab labeled “Participants,” you will see the name of the host and the name you used when you signed in. The list appears in this way to protect the privacy of the participants. It does not mean that you are the only person in the meeting.

The only requirement for participation is that you agree to the standard terms of use.  By joining a meeting, you automatically agree to these terms, so nothing else is required. This agreement is required by our license to broadcast these recordings over the Internet and protects these copy protected works. To learn more about the terms of use, click here or click “About Joel’s Recordings” in the sidebar of this page.

Do I need a user name and password?

No, you do not need a user name and password. The online tape group is open to anyone who wishes to attend and agrees to the terms of use.

How do I join an online tape group meeting?

  1. About 5 minutes prior to the start time (to allow time for accessing the meeting site), go to goldsmithglobal.org .
  1. Click “Join A Meeting” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  1. Click on the bar labeled “Click here to accept the terms of use and join the meeting.
  1. You will automatically be connected to the WebEx meeting. Please be patient as it may take a short time for WebEx to display the tape group event page. Follow the instructions as they display on your screen.
  1. Our detailed instructions provide pictures of what you will see as you join the meeting. To read, download, or print these detailed instructions, click here.

The start times for the meetings are posted on the Schedule page of this site. We encourage you to join the meeting a few minutes prior to the designated time so that you can fully participate in the meditation.  Joel always said that the meditation was the most important part of the class. Typically, the host opens the meeting at least 20 minutes prior to the start time. For example, an 8:00 a.m. meeting is usually open by 7:40 a.m.  Some participants like to join early to have a longer meditation time.

When you join a meeting, please be sure that the sound is not muted on your computer and that the volume is turned up to your preferred level. There is silence during the meditation, so you will not hear anything during that time. After the gentle gong sounds to signal the end of meditation, the host will greet the participants and announce the title of the recording.

What will I see on my screen during the session?

Once the meeting begins, you will see a peaceful background scene and text about the status of the session. For example, during the opening meditation, the text might say, “We are in silent meditation until 8:15 a.m. A gentle gong will signal the end of meditation, and then the host will announce the tape.” There will also be a short quotation on the screen, which you can use for contemplation if you wish. While the tape is playing, you will see the same background, but the text will show the title of the tape.

Will the host speak during the session?

The host will briefly welcome participants at the beginning and thank them at the end. There may also be some brief announcements at the end about the schedule or about other items relating to the tape group. Joel’s message speaks for itself, so no additional remarks are necessary.

Will anyone hear sounds from my location?

No. If you have a microphone on your computer, mobile device, or telephone, it will automatically be muted as long as you are connected to the tape group session. This protects your privacy and preserves the silence for the group.

How do I join a meeting by telephone?

We use the Calliflower Conference Call Service for telephone access. This service allows you to access the tape group meeting by telephone through local telephone numbers in the U.S. and other countries around the world.  Click here to access a list of all Calliflower access numbers.  Scroll down the list to to find the telephone access number(s) for your country and city.  Depending on your telephone service plan, the call to the access number may or may not incur additional charges, so we suggest that you check your telephone service plan before calling in to a meeting.

If your country is not shown on the telephone number list, you may want to call into the online tape group via Skype (see “Can I join the meeting from Skype for free?” below).

Of course, telephone participants are not able to see the background visuals that the online participants see, but they hear exactly the same audio. By joining a meeting by telephone, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, just as if you were joining from a computer.

To join a scheduled online tape group meeting, simply:

  • Call in to the telephone number you selected from the list. Any telephone access number from the list will connect you to the conference service for the online tape group meeting.
  • Enter the pass code: 8546641, followed by the pound (#) key. The pass code is the same for all tape group meetings, and does not change from week to week.
  • You will be connected to the meeting. Please remember that the group is in silent meditation until 8:15 a.m. (or 6:15 p.m.), so you will hear silence when you join the meeting until the host greets the participants.

Those who participate by telephone can get schedule information by calling our automated information line at 916-245-2772. This number is in the Sacramento, California area. Depending on your telephone calling plan, the call to the information line may or may not incur a charge.

Telephone access has been used mainly by participants who do not have a computer or mobile device available or who have a computer or mobile device that is not supported by the WebEx service. However, even those who usually participate online might use the telephone service from time to time if they are traveling or do not have immediate access to their computer or mobile device.

If you have questions about telephone access, please call Marty Parker at +1-408-420-5539 or email him at marty@goldsmithglobal.org.

How can I get the best audio quality on the telephone?

The audio quality of a telephone connection can vary depending on the public telephone network and the telephone device you use for listening. To optimize your audio quality, consider these suggestions.

  1. Use a “land line”.
    A “land line,” or a telephone that is connected by a telephone cord to a jack in the wall, usually delivers more consistent, higher quality audio than a cell phone. The audio quality on a cell phone is subject to variations in the wireless signal and in the signal strength, depending on the distance to the cellular transmission tower as well as the physical construction of the building where the phone is being used.
  1. Mute your speakerphone.
    Listening to the meeting on a speakerphone is certainly more comfortable than holding a telephone handset to your ear for more than an hour. However, if you use a speakerphone that has a “mute” button, we suggest that you “mute” the phone. This will prevent any local noise from cars, trucks, airplanes, doors, fans, etc. at your location, from interfering with the incoming audio from the online tape.
  1. Adjust the volume.
    If the volume on a telephone is turned up too high, it can cause distortion in the audio signal. You may find that a volume setting that is about 10% or 20% below the maximum level has better sound quality than the maximum setting, regardless of whether you are using a speakerphone or a handset.
  1. Consider getting a headset.
    Usually a headset will give you audio quality that is equal to that on a handset and better than the audio quality on a speakerphone. Many headsets are available that can be attached to most telephones. Some headsets plug into the phone; others are wireless. Most headsets are quite comfortable to wear and some have volume adjustments.

Can I join the meeting via Skype for free?

Yes. Skype is a very popular global voice and video communications service that works on most brands of smartphones, tablets, or computers. You can usually install the Skype software on your smartphone or tablet for free. You can find out more on the Skype support site by clicking here, and scrolling down to “Skype for Devices” at the bottom of the page.  Click on the “Skype for…” category that you want (computer, mobile, or tablet), and then select your type and brand of device. You will then see a page that explains how to use Skype on that device.

Once you have the Skype software on your phone, you can add “calliflowerskype” to your list of contacts. Instructions for adding a contact are on the page that explains how to use Skype on your device.

When it is time to join the online tape group meeting:

  • Click on your “calliflowerskype” contact, and then click the “VoiceCall” button. You will hear a number of rings (sometimes as many as 10 rings), before you are connected to the Calliflower service.
  • When asked for the pass code, use the Skype dial pad (which appears in different places on each device) to enter the code. Enter the pass code for the online tape group, which is 8546641 followed by the # keyFor help in using the Skype dial pad, go to the information page on the Skype site for your device, as described above.
  • You will then be connected to the online tape group meeting, just as if you had called in by telephone.

Since this is a Skype-to-Skype call on the data connection of your smart phone, tablet or computer, the call is not a “cell phone” call and is free. However, on your smart phone or on a 3G or 4G tablet, the call will use a portion of your monthly data plan allocation. Your allocation is specified in your cellular carrier agreement.  For approximately 75 minutes of connect time for one online tape group session, you will use about 60MB (megabytes), which is typically a small portion of your monthly allocation. However, it is best to check your plan. If you can use Wi-Fi on your smart phone or tablet, you can join via Skype without incurring data usage on your cellular data plan.

Of course, telephone and Skype participants are not able to see the background visuals that online participants see, but they will hear exactly the same audio. By joining a meeting via Skype, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, just as if you were joining from a computer or mobile device.

To print this page for reference, click here to view a printer-friendly copy.