If you would like to express gratitude for the message taught by Joel Goldsmith, you can do that in many different ways. Joel says that we all have an abundance of love, kindness, consideration and understanding in the “house” of our consciousness that we can pour forth. We can also give by doing the three daily meditations** that Joel recommended in order to let the Light of Life and Truth flow forth into the world.

Some may wish to express gratitude in a monetary way. If you are led to do this, we encourage you to give a gift to a worthy organization in your local community that you feel is doing work that is spiritually uplifting.

When you attend a local tape group, the host often provides a basket where participants can leave monetary gifts of gratitude. In this online setting, if you are moved to contribute to the online tape group, you can give your expression of gratitude through the secure PayPal site by clicking the link below, or by mailing it to:

Marty and Liz Parker
9745 Rim Rock Circle
Loomis, CA 95650

Thank you for your expressions of gratitude in the many forms they may take.


** To read more about the daily meditations that Joel called “world work,” click here.