Channel 1 Resources for Sept. 19 – October 2, 2020

For Contemplation

From The Art of Spiritual Living, Chapter 7, “Consciously Knowing the Truth”

When I bring to my mind the truth of being, the truth of God as my real being and the only power, all within me, and at the same time realize that all that exists as an appearance is the carnal mind, the “arm of flesh,” of no power, I help to dissolve that picture—first for myself, so that my own life begins to show forth some measure of the harmonies to which it is entitled.  Later, I give this truth to others, and I begin to perceive that the truth operates for their benefit, also.

Then this circle widens and widens, so that as we stay in this world and face the appearances, we help to dissolve them.  How is that possible?  None of these evils or dangers is externalized.  They exist as mental images in the mind of man, and only those who know this truth can help to dissolve them.  … I, being one with God—with truth—am a majority.  If I know that these claims of human sense are not externalized conditions; that they exist only as the belief in two powers, mental projections in thought, projected out on the screen of life, but having no externalized reality or form or substance or law; I soon find that there is healing.

For Reading

The Foundation of Mysticism, Chapter 3, “Treatment: Knowing the Truth”

This chapter is virtually a transcript of Recording 248A, which is the selection available for listening below.

For Listening

Recording 248A: 1959 Maui Advanced Work, “The Reason for Treatment and Its Use”

This recording is the basis for Chapter 3, “Treatment: Knowing the Truth,” in The Foundation of Mysticism.    

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