Channel 1 Resources for November 7 – 20, 2020

For Contemplation

From The Early Years, Chapter 4, “Reality”:

There is a peace which the world cannot give us, and which the world cannot take from us. This peace is not dependent on person, circumstance, or condition; it is not at the mercy of men or of money; it is the peace that springs from the infinite depths of our being. Where I am, God is–that is enough to know.

For Reading

Living the Infinite Way, Chapter 3, “God Is”

For Listening

Recording 390A: 1961 Maui Work, “Our Sabbatical Periods”

During this complex and chaotic time in “this world,” we are to be “in the world but not of it.”  In this inspiring class, Joel teaches how we can do this by taking periods of “Sabbath” for spiritual renewal and refreshment.  During these periods, we “shut out the world, to be absent from the body of this world and to be present with the Lord.”  Once refreshed by such a sabbatical time, we can return to “this world” as a bearer of light.

This recording was used as source material for Chapter 31, “There Remaineth a Rest,” in A Parenthesis in Eternity.  

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