Channel 1 Resources for Dec. 19, 2020 – Jan. 15, 2021

For Contemplation

From Chapter 7, “IS” in Spiritual Discernment

“God is. That is the ultimate of spiritual wisdom. There is only God. Nothing else is; nothing else exists; nothing else has presence; nothing else has power. We could even eliminate the word God and just say, ‘Is.’ That which Is, is; and that which Is, is all that is; and the only time that anything can be Is, is now. Is cannot take place yesterday. Is cannot take place tomorrow. The only place for Is, is here; and the only time for Is, is now. Nothing is except here, and nothing is except now. In that realization we are released instantly from any mental attempt to make anything happen or appear.

“Heretofore while we have known, or at least agreed, that God is, we have also undertaken to heal, reform, enrich, or employ those who turn to us for help through some kind of mental or spiritual process. We are released from that in the realization of Is. No one can make something happen in the future, if now is the only time; and if now is God’s time, no one can even make something happen now.  The whole practice becomes the continuous recognition of Is. Infinity is; immortality is; life is; harmony is; wholeness is; completeness is: ‘That which I am seeking, I am.’

“After years of study we come to a state of consciousness where the weight falls off our shoulders and we no longer labor under the heavy responsibility of trying to save anyone. Now we rest in the truth that God’s work is done: completeness is; perfection is; harmony is.

“And what about the world of error? It is the illusion of sense that goes on and will go on forever in the minds of those who struggle under a sense of separation from God and a sense that there is a selfhood apart from God to be redeemed or to be saved.

“When we arrive at that state of consciousness, we are the light unto all who turn to us. We cannot be a light running around the universe looking for someone to light up any more than a lighthouse has to run around the ocean looking for ships. It stands still, and the ships seeking guidance look for the lighthouse, just as we stand still and let the world of those ready come to our door.”

For Reading

In The Infinite Way, the chapter titled “Spiritual Illumination” 

For Listening

Recording 356B: 1960 England Open Class, “Putting Up the Sword Is the Secret”

This recording was not used as source material for any book.  In this compelling class, Joel emphasizes that the secret of harmony is that evil, regardless of its name or nature, does not have an inherent power.  If God didn’t ordain it, it isn’t ordained.  If God didn’t empower it, it isn’t empowered.   It is up to us to stop fighting evil conditions and face them with the realization that because of omnipotence, they have no power.

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