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World Work for Infinite Way Students

From time to time, here we post excerpts from Joel’s books and recordings in which he inspires us about world work.  To see previously posted excerpts, please use the links at the bottom of this page.  

Posted on January 6, 2017:

This excerpt comes from the November 1955 Letter, which can be found in The Heart of Mysticism.

The day is approaching when there will be a band of spiritual wisdom and spiritual consciousness encircling the globe, at which each individual will be able to ask, seek and knock.  Whatever degree of realized consciousness on the part of teacher or student anywhere in the world will go to form the fabric of this band, and then each one who asks, seeks and knocks for spiritual light will find that he is attuned.  Anyone who reaches out will touch my realized consciousness, your realized consciousness, which forms this united band.  Then the world will not be saved one by one, but by thousands, and the realization will be swift and complete.  But first there must be such as you and I, who, in our particular localized places, achieve this consciousness and release it to the world so that those touching that degree of realized consciousness can attain some measure of it (at least enough for their healing) and then go on to practicing the presence of God.

The degree of realization you attain in meditation is one of the fibers that comprise this band of spiritual consciousness, and so it is well at this time to overcome the sense of time and space.  When, through meditation, you have achieved a sense of release from the thoughts and things of the world, what a wonderful atmosphere surrounds you!  This consciousness of Truth is not confined to the moment, nor in the place where you find yourself.  This consciousness is never confined to time or space; therefore you can return to this degree of realized consciousness at will.

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