About Joel’s Recordings

It is a high privilege and a great blessing to have access to the recordings of Joel Goldsmith’s classes.  Through the recordings, we can hear the classes of the original revelator of the Infinite Way message exactly as he gave them at the time.

Currently all Joel Goldsmith recordings are under copy protection. As hosts of the Goldsmith Global Online Tape Group, we honor that protection. We are offering this online tape group under a license from The Infinite Way® to digitally transmit these copy protected works, and we are deeply appreciative of this license agreement.

All those interested in Joel Goldsmith’s message owe a deep debt of gratitude to the many people over the years who, through their devotion to the message and to sharing it with others, have put their time, resources and energy into preserving these recordings and making them available to those who want to study The Infinite Way. All Joel Goldsmith recordings are available for purchase at www.joelgoldsmith.com.

Our license agreement requires that we ask anyone who participates in the online tape group to agree to the “terms of use.” Those who spend time in the world of the Internet will be familiar with this commonly used procedure. While the agreement by necessity is in “legalese,” its major provisions are simple and straightforward. Basically, it asks you to agree that:

  • The recordings are copy-protected material, and that you will not record, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, download, or otherwise use the recordings that are played for the online tape group.
  • The online tape group is provided free of charge for shared listening to the recordings of Joel Goldsmith and is intended to be like a group tape meeting at a common location. Agreeing to the terms of use entitles you to participate in the online tape group meeting.

We understand that some may wonder why they have to agree to “terms of use” when the activity is a spiritual one.  Our view is that the copy protection laws of “this world” serve to maintain some order and fairness in the human realm, and we respect those laws. The laws protect the integrity of a work, keeping it free from alteration and maintaining the original context of the work. We believe that sincere spiritual seekers want assurance of the work’s integrity and will willingly give their consent to the terms of use.

To read the terms of use, click here.